Combat Armour (A)


This full-body suit is used by the military and not generally available on the open market, although those with military or criminal contacts can obtain it without much difficulty. It is issued to troop units and mercenary battalions. Combat armour protects from hard vacuum in the same way as a vacc suit and provides life support for six hours. TL 12 combat armour is considerably lighter, substituting carbon-tube weave for the smart plastic of the previous generation. TL 14 combat armour offers vastly improved protection without impairing movement.

Level 1
Protection: 12
Required Skill: Vacc Suit 0
Cost: 200,000
Mass: 18

Level 2
Protection: 14
Required Skill: Vacc Suit 0
Cost: 300,000
Mass: 10

Level 3
Protection: 16
Required Skill: Vacc Suit 1
Cost: 600,000
Mass: 6


Combat Armour (A)

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